Apple Watch Series 3 hands-on: LTE is the watershed moment for wearables

The Apple Watch Series 3 looks, acts, and feels almost exactly the same as the Series 2 with a key difference—LTE wireless connectivity, whether your iPhone is nearby or not. We tested the Series 3 on-site at Apple's unveiling event, including trying ......mehr

Quelle : Ars Technica UK

The new Apple Watch has a cellular connection, but you'll only get 1 hour of ...

From all outward appearances, the Series 3 without a cellular connection is identical to the Series 2. Both versions of the Series 3 have GPS. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to order on Friday and will start at $329 — the watch with ......mehr

Quelle : Business Insider

Apple Watch Series 3 versus Series 2: Worth the upgrade?

The Apple Watch Series 3 is finally upon us, and with it, comes perhaps the most sought-after feature smart watch aficionados have wanted from on day one: cellular connectivity. Unveiled at Apple's (AAPL) event on Tuesday, the cellular version of the ......mehr

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