'Atypical' Review: Netflix's Family Comedy Attempts to Normalize Autism

Earlier this year, Netflix took a swing at confronting the deeply troubling increases in suicide rates amongst teenagers with an adaptation of 13 Reasons Why. In terms of viewership, it remains a major hit for a company that is $20 billion in debt, but ......mehr

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Atypical Is a Sweet, Sometimes Funny Dramedy About Growing Up on the Spectrum

Now comes Netflix's series Atypical, out today, about a high school senior named Sam who is on the autism spectrum. “I'm a weirdo, that's what everyone says,” Sam (Keir Gilchrist) explains in the opening scene of the show. He's talking to his therapist ......mehr

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Atypical review – by-numbers autism comedy – with added penguins

Like every 18-year-old boy, Sam wants to get laid. But being on the autism spectrum isn't helping him achieve this. Netflix's new show Atypical is a coming-of-age comedy about Sam and his attempts to get a girlfriend. There are some good things about it....mehr

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