Startup "Bodega" draws fire for name, biz model

A fledgling Silicon Valley company aimed at disrupting the convenience store is drawing fire for both its name and its premise. Critics are accusing the San Francisco startup, called Bodega, of trying to put mom-and-pop stores out of business. Bodegas ......mehr

Quelle : CBS News

Former Google employee apologizes for sparking rage with a 'Bodega' app

For two former Google employees, the launch of their new app may not have gone exactly as planned. Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan released an app called Bodega on Wednesday, which seeks to disrupt convenience shopping, reports Fast Company....mehr

Quelle : CNBC

Start-up Bodega learns an important branding lesson; apologizes after Internet ...

Bodega's business are 5-foot-wide pantry boxes loaded with household essentials that the company intends to install across the country. The cupboard automatically charges your credit card for things you remove from it. It's basically a fancy vending ......mehr

Quelle : Los Angeles Times