General Electric's turnaround plan has investors dumping the stock

General Electric's stock dropped as much as 7.1% on Monday after the company outlined its turnaround plan. The company's earlier announcement that it would cut its dividend sent shares higher initially, but the stock dropped into negative territory ......mehr

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General Electric just slashed its dividend — and that could save its stock ...

Traders rewarded GE initially, pushing its stock higher by as much as 1.6% in premarket trading on Monday. The stock then reversed into negative territory, falling roughly 5% during regular trading after the company provided revised earnings guidance ......mehr

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GE Dials Back Operations, Chops Dividend

GE now plans to pay a 12-cent quarterly dividend instead of its previous 24-cent dividend. GE's 24-cent dividend represented a yield of 4.7 percent, the second-highest yield among Dow Jones industrial average companies. The new dividend yield will be ......mehr

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GE Cut Its Dividends. Here's What That Means and Why It Matters

General Electric is more than just an outlier on the Dow for being the lowest-priced stock on Index. The giant is also cutting dividends at a time when many other U.S. companies are pushing them up in a bid to lure in investors. GE, which has been ......mehr

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GE's energy business could soon look very different

GE will transform its business to focus on three segments, including selling equipment and services to power plants. CEO John Flannery said the company may exit its controlling stake in Baker Hughes, an oilfield services company. Flannery also flagged ......mehr

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2 Things GE's CEO Must Do To Revive Its Stock

Before getting into that, let's review the appallingly bad performance of GE stock in which I am investor and what Flannery is doing about it. As of November 10, GE shares have lost 37% of their value in 2017 -- slashing $100 billion from GE's stock ......mehr

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One major bull case for owning GE just flew out the window

As General Electric shares continued making new lows ahead of its widely anticipated shareholder meeting on Monday, bulls clung to the notion of a potential breakup of the company as a reason to own the stock. But that argument may not work out, ......mehr

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General Electric stock swoons after company halves its dividend, announces ...

General Electric sliced its dividend in half Monday, saving the beleaguered industrial giant $4.2 billion annually as it seeks to regain its footing after more than a decade of lagging profits and poor stock performance. Shareholders will see their ......mehr

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GE is broken. Fixing it will be long and difficult

But just as it took years to run GE into the ground, there's a growing realization inside and outside the company's Boston headquarters that fixing it will be long and difficult. GE stock nosedived another 7% on Monday, its worst day since April 2009 ......mehr

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GE shares break below $18 as two-day loss reaches 12%; Wall Street expects ...

Wall Street analysts expressed disappointment and concern over the turnaround plan General Electric presented Monday. RBC Capital Markets analyst Deane Dray sees "few reasons to believe the stock bottoms here." GE stock declined more than 5 percent ......mehr

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