Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Found Guilty of Securities Fraud

Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical executive whose haughty justification for raising drug prices led him to become known as "pharma bro," was found guilty of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud at a federal court in ......mehr

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Martin Shkreli Is Found Guilty of Fraud

Martin Shkreli, accused of defrauding his hedge fund investors and a pharmaceutical company, was convicted on three of eight counts on Friday, after a five-week trial in the Federal District Court in Brooklyn. He faces as much as 20 years in prison....mehr

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Martin Shkreli convicted of securities fraud, conspiracy

Martin Shkreli, who gained national notoriety two years ago for jacking up the price of an AIDS drug, was convicted of securities fraud Friday for mismanaging two investment funds. A jury in Brooklyn deliberated almost five days before returning guilty ......mehr

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'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Convicted Of Securities Fraud

A federal jury in Brooklyn, N.Y., has convicted former pharmaceutical executive and "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli of securities fraud. He was found guilty Friday on three counts — two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit ......mehr

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'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli found guilty of 3 of 8 charges, including ...

A federal jury Friday found notorious "Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli guilty of three counts of securities fraud — but acquitted him of five other criminal counts related to hedge funds investors and a drug company he founded. The split verdict in Shkreli ......mehr

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Martin Shkreli is found guilty of three of eight securities fraud charges

New York — A Brooklyn jury on Friday found Martin Shkreli, the former hedge fund manager notorious for brazenly raising the price of a critical drug, guilty of defrauding his investors. Shkreli shook his head in apparent disbelief as the first of ......mehr

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Martin Shkreli's lawyers fail to corral bragging 'pharma bro' ahead of sentencing

A still from Martin Shkreli's postverdict YouTube live stream. During his Friday live-stream GOOGL, +0.58% , Shkreli speculated that his sentence would be “close to nil.” If he was given time, he said, it would be far from a maximum security facility ......mehr

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Why Martin Shkreli Is Guilty When Investors Didn't Lose

Martin Shkreli became notorious for raising the price of a potentially life-saving HIV drug by 5,000 percent overnight and getting banned from Twitter for harassing a female journalist. His criminal fraud trial in Brooklyn, New York, had nothing to do ......mehr

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Martin Shkreli: Why the 'Most-Hated' CEO Is Strutting to Jail

Long before jurors reached their verdict, Martin Shkreli was guilty on at least one count: gall in the first degree. During the last week of his securities-fraud trial, federal prosecutors nailed the former biotech chief executive for one of his many ......mehr

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Martin Shkreli's Lawyer: 'Pharma Bro' Has an Image Problem

(NEW YORK) — Martin Shkreli, the eccentric former pharmaceutical CEO notorious for a price-gouging scandal and for his snide "Pharma Bro" persona on social media, was convicted Friday on federal charges he deceived investors in a pair of failed hedge ......mehr

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