All of the Nintendo Direct April 2017 News and Games

If you'd like to watch the entire US presentation yourself and experience if first-hand, just check out the embedded video above! While Nintendo had a lot of announcements, this does leave a lot for E3 2017. What do you most want to see revealed this June?...mehr

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Watch today's Nintendo Direct live right here

Arms, on the other hand, is a fighting game that can be played with either motion controls or by using the Switch's buttons and analog sticks. You can check out some video of the game in action if you're curious before the Nintendo Direct begins; the ......mehr

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Nintendo Direct 2017 LIVE: Nintendo Switch games Splatoon 2 and ARMS release dates

Superstars like Ribbon Girl and Master Mummy were shown during the Nintendo Direct presentation, each fighter has their own special attributes and will have to deal with obstacles like liquid-filled columns and trampolines for aerial skirmishes ......mehr

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Watch: 'Super Mario Odyssey' Nintendo Direct

Don't forget to tune into today's Nintendo Direct livestream right here. Nintendo promises to spend about 45 minutes discussing new details about Super Mario Odyssey and what's coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS over the next few months....mehr

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Nintendo Direct time and live stream 2017: September 13 Switch games and other ...

The next big Nintendo Direct 2017 event has been confirmed for September 13. The Japanese games giant hase confirmed that the 3DS and Nintendo Switch games live stream will kick off at 11pm, UK time. For those elsewhere in the world, that means 6pm ......mehr

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Nintendo Direct time and live stream 2017: September 13 Switch games LIVE with ...

Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcements include Necrozma transforming into two new forms: Dusk and Dawn. There's also new map areas including a beach for Surfers and the Valley of Pikachu. Nintendo have confirmed the way ......mehr

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All of Tonight's Nintendo Direct News in One Place

The main act of the evening was, of course, the hotly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Direct wrapped up with a lot more gameplay showing off a lot more locations, story and modes. We also heard about a new Switch bundle for the game and ......mehr

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