What to expect from Samsung's Galaxy S8 unveiling

If you're interested in accessories, rumors have suggested that Samsung will introduce a special dock for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ called the "DeX dock" that allows the phone to plug into a keyboard, mouse and monitor and operate like a more ......mehr

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This is the Samsung Galaxy S8, coming April 21st

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the nicest phone I've ever held. It's a beautiful combination of glass, metal, and an absolutely massive screen in a body that's much smaller than you might expect. And that might not be enough to make it stand out anymore....mehr

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 UK pricing starts at £689

Samsung just unwrapped its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, along with some all-important prices and release dates. If you live in the UK, here's what you need to know: The phone comes in two models, the S8 and S8+, and will be sold for £689 and ......mehr

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 shows Apple is behind the smartphone design trend

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphone today — its high-end flagship model, designed to compete with the likes of Apple's iPhone — at an event in New York. We'll let you browse its features and specs at the Verge — Dieter Bohn calls it “the ......mehr

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Samsung launches the Galaxy S8 with its own Apple Siri rival called Bixby

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday, its latest flagship smartphone boasting a new voice assistant and larger display as the technology titan looks to steal a march on Apple and regain ground after the embarrassing Note 7 saga. The device ......mehr

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Should you upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and larger Galaxy S8 Plus are two of the most anticipated phones of the year, and now they're official it's easy to see why. Between the stunning design and high-end specs, Samsung's newest phones have many people ready to ......mehr

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3 ways the Samsung Galaxy S8 let us down

The Galaxy S8 delivered on some great new features: edge to edge HDR display, an iris scanner and a faster, Gigabit LTE-ready processor. But gorgeous infinity display aside, it seemed like the S8 was holding out on some key features. (Perhaps for an ......mehr

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Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders are now live

Yesterday, Samsung showed off its new, nearly bezel-less Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones, and today you can preorder it through all four major carriers in the US and Best Buy. Preorder shipments should arrive on April 21st when the device will be ......mehr

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Unlocked Galaxy S8 preorders start May 9. Here's why it's smart to wait

My colleague Dan Graziano and I are basically trading phones this year -- he's angrily ditching his Google Nexus 6P for a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I'm angrily tossing away my Galaxy S7 for (probably) a Google Pixel 2. But there's one thing on which the ......mehr

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Hands-on with Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and...

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are here, and they're making a great argument for a place in your hands and pockets. However, you have a choice to make: Which model will be best suited for your daily smartphone antics? I've compared the specs and differences ......mehr

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