Even sexy Fassbender can't heat up 'The Snowman'

The Snowman” arrives in theaters this week with a flourish of spectacularly bad timing: Not only does its plot revolve around artfully dismembered women, its hero is named — I'm not kidding! — Harry Hole. The novels, by Jo Nesbø, are serviceable ......mehr

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Do You Want To Skip 'The Snowman?' (You Should)

Yet Alfredson's one-size-fits-all atmospherics are woefully ill-suited to The Snowman, which attempts to class up the sort of genre material that's far better suited to the down-and-dirty. Based on the novel by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, whose ......mehr

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'The Snowman' Sucketh

When I say that The Snowman is weird, it's not because its plot is about a psychopath whose signature move after carving up his victims is to put on his mittens and make like this song from Frozen. The titular killer's habit of building Calvin and ......mehr

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Convoluted serial killer plot knocks down 'The Snowman'

It's only the first in the staggering series of monumental miscalculations that is “The Snowman.” The dreary procedural wants to be a snowbound “Se7en,” with a moralizing serial killer enforcing his own code on a wayward world. But the plot is ......mehr

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The Snowman director knows where the film went wrong

By now you've probably heard what the critics are saying about The Snowman, Michael Fassbender's new thriller — “a largely pedestrian affair” was one of the kinder remarks. Director Tomas Alfredson thinks he knows where it all went wrong. “Our shoot ......mehr

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'The Snowman' Review: Serial-Killer Thriller Is Even WTF Worse Than You've Heard

Well, it's a little confusing. And slightly incoherent in terms of how it lays out the book's narrative about a serial killer who is targeting mothers and whose calling card is a snowman. And sort of not very good overall. It's bad. A bit of a full-on ......mehr

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The Snowman is a grim, slushy slog: EW review

Even if you aren't familiar with Jo Nesbø's best-selling crime novels about Detective Harry Hole, you've probably seen the marketing campaign for The Snowman, the first English-language film adaptation of his work. The posters and images all feature a ......mehr

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'The Snowman': The best critics' slams of the 'transcendently awful' thriller

Based on the bestselling series from Jo Nesbø about an alcoholic police detective who solves mysteriously violent crimes, The Snowman has already been disavowed by it's director Tomas Alfredson, who told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, "We ......mehr

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