Why Tommy Wiseau Approved James Franco's Portrayal Of Him In 'The Disaster ...

When it came time for James Franco to make a film about one of the most gonzo midnight movies of all-time, The Room, the pic's eccentric star-director-writer Tommy Wiseau insisted that only Johnny Depp portray him on the big screen. Related....mehr

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Strangeness Abounds in James Franco's 'Disaster Artist' Trailer (Watch)

James Franco comes to life as the abundantly strange Tommy Wiseau in A24's official trailer for “The Disaster Artist,” which premiered Monday at the Toronto Film Festival. The trailer begins with Wiseau and Greg Sestero (portrayed by Dave Franco ......mehr

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Canada judge tosses injunction of documentary about cult film The Room

The director of 2003 cult movie The Room has lost a legal bid to block a documentary about his film after a judge said it was "abysmal". Tommy Wiseau argued Room Full of Spoons "mocks, derides and disparages him" and his film and infringes copyright....mehr

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Judge Hilariously Tosses 'The Room' Director's Injunction Against Doc About ...

“The Room” star/writer/director/producer/marketer Tommy Wiseau was granted a temporary injunction delaying the release of an unflattering making-of documentary, “Room Full of Spoons.” That initial halting document has now been ripped to shreds by a ......mehr

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Judge lifts Tommy Wiseau's injunction against documentary about The Room

A documentary about the infamous “Citizen Kane of bad movies,” Tommy Wiseau's The Room, can finally be seen by a wider audience, after a Toronto judge on Wednesday lifted an injunction against the Canadian-made doc. Room Full of Spoons, from ......mehr

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The New 'Disaster Artist' Trailer Shows the Man Behind the Worst Movie Ever

It's not going to be in theaters for another month, but James Franco's The Disaster Artist is already one of the best-received films of the year. Its first trailer played up the movie's comedic side: The Disaster Artist tells the tale of Tommy Wiseau ......mehr

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2nd Trailer For A24's The Disaster Artist Released

The Tommy Wiseau biographical comedy-drama The Disaster Artist, starring the Franco brothers, is nearing its December release date following a wave of success on the festival circuit this year. And A24 have released the second full trailer for the much ......mehr

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